Packing Tips For Your Storage Unit

Maureen Burns
November 22nd, 2023

Efficiently packing items for storage requires careful consideration. Here are our top 7 tips to streamline the process:
1. Embrace Storage Totes: Utilize plastic storage totes with lids. They not only shield your belongings from dust and pests but are also stackable for space optimization. Be sure to label each tote for easy content identification.
2. Use Clean, New Boxes: Choose new boxes to prevent introducing unwanted pests to your storage unit. Boxes from grocery or convenience stores may carry food particles that attract rodents and pests.
3. Invest in Mattress Protectors: Safeguard your mattress inexpensively by using mattress protectors. This simple step helps keep your mattress dust-free during its time in storage. 4. Prioritize Bubble Wrap: Safeguard fragile items with bubble wrap. Tissue paper is also handy for stacking plates and wrapping cups, minimizing the risk of scratches and breakage.
5. Create an Aisle: Maintain accessibility by leaving an aisle down the center of your storage unit. Ensure you rent a unit with sufficient space for this purpose.
6. Place Items Strategically: Position larger and less frequently used items at the back of the unit. Appliances that don’t require regular access can line up against the back wall, allowing you to stack totes of seasonal clothing on top for convenient retrieval. Keep frequently used items toward the front for easy access.
7. Protect Furniture with Sheets: Use bed sheets to drape furniture, serving as a protective barrier against dust accumulation. This simple measure ensures your furniture remains in good condition throughout its time in storage.